We focus on producing high
quality sponge scouring pads.

Jiashan Donghui Sponge Co., LTD is a professional

China Non-woven scouring Pads Manufacturers and sponge scouring Pads suppliers

. Our branch factory mainly specializes in the production of various sponge products and non-woven product.
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What is a filter sponge? Filter sponge function and screening method

date: 05-03-2021

Also called mesh sponge, blasting sponge. Polyurethane filter sponge is usually processed by open-ce...

How is the sponge made?

date: 26-02-2021

Sponge foaming has the following five steps: Nucleation reaction: Simply put, the silicone oil evenl...

What are the differences between high-density sponges

date: 19-02-2021

1. High-density sponge High-density foam is a sponge whose weight per cubic meter of sponge reaches ...

Why is the magic wipe of nano sponges smaller and smaller?

date: 06-02-2021

Magic sponge cleaner eraser is composed of countless nano-scale small particles, which is a melamine...