We focus on producing high
quality sponge scouring pads.

Jiashan Donghui Sponge Co., LTD is a professional

China Non-woven scouring Pads Manufacturers and sponge scouring Pads suppliers

. Our branch factory mainly specializes in the production of various sponge products and non-woven product.
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Is polyester fiber sponge?

date: 29-09-2020

Polyester fiber (POLYESTER FIBERS), commonly known as "polyester fiber". It is a synthetic fiber obt...

What is the principle of melamine foam products (ie magic sponge)?

date: 25-09-2020

Melamine foam is a polymer made from formaldehyde, melamine and sodium bisulfite, called formaldehyd...

Sponge scouring pad small coup

date: 18-09-2020

Sponge scouring pads are believed to be kept at home by hand. What do you usually use it for? Wash t...

Throwable disposable toilet brush

date: 12-09-2020

    Angle: 360° cleaning the inner wall of the toilet in all directions       Cleanin...