We focus on producing high
quality sponge scouring pads.

Jiashan Donghui Sponge Co., LTD is a professional

China Non-woven scouring Pads Manufacturers and sponge scouring Pads suppliers

. Our branch factory mainly specializes in the production of various sponge products and non-woven product.
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Why do kitchen cleaning sponges need to be replaced regularly

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Kitchen cleaning sponges must be replaced regularly, no matter what items, the role played in the ha...

What are the unexpected uses of kitchen cleaning sponges?

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When it comes to kitchen cleaning sponges, many people think that they are washing pots and dishes. ...

The ignition point of the sponge is not high, so how is the fire-resistant sponge flame-retardant?

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Fire-retardant sponge, also known as fire-retardant sponge, fire-retardant cotton, and fire-retardan...

How to clean the kitchen cleaning sponge?

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Sponges in the kitchen are often used for cleaning, and they will become more and more dirty when us...